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Let to Buy Mortgages can be complex and difficult to obtain By Chris Morgan …

There could be many reasons that you could decide to let your existing property and move into to a different one. Both before and during the last recession it became very popular for a person to leverage their current home and then move into a different one.

For some this was an absolute necessity to keep a larger home in London, so they therefore considered downsizing and reducing their outgoings. For others who simply did not wish to sell their property in a difficult market, Let to Buy became a good way to keep ownership of their home.

Let To Buy mortgages effectively are reliant on two mortgage loans being agreed at the same time, in majority of cases by different lenders. One loan to release capital from the current property (Letting Mortgage) and a second to buy an ongoing property (Residential Mortgage).

It’s not a surprise that these types of deals have become difficult to complete, as many of the major lending groups are once again restricting their lending policies ahead of Brexit.

However, there are still some very good lenders willing consider “Let to Buy” situations where the financial number and circumstances make sense.

Here’s some advice for those looking to “Let and Buy” …

  • If you have been turned down on this type of deal already, then don’t automatically think the issues lie with you, as it is quite possible that the lenders policy has changed or is restricted.
  • Some lenders simply do not have sufficient funds to lend “Multiple Finance” deals at the moment and will turn them down before even accepting an application from a borrower.
  • Any onward residential purchase will need to be simultaneous for any lender to agree a Let to Buy Mortgage. This is not normally negotiable.
  • In any economic financial cycle there are weaker mortgage providers that restrict lending and there are stronger ones that are in a better position to lend – it’s just a matter of knowing who to approach, their detailed criteria and how to present the situation.
  • Let to Buy Mortgages are complex, so seek Independent Financial Advice and your dream home move or downsizing may still be possible – presentation is everything.

15 Minute Mortgage Assessment

Unusual Mortgages offer a 15 minute free mortgage assessment over the phone for anyone that has been turned down for a mortgage elsewhere. We will confirm if the decision you were given is correct and assess your options across all of the lenders on our manual research list, from which we tailor bespoke solutions for our clients.

If you have been turned down for a mortgage or are worried about approaching lenders due to the way you have been treated in the past, why not give us a call. Within 15 minutes you will know if your hopes and aspirations are a reality, with a sound opinion from the most experienced mortgage broker in the United Kingdom at placing “Unusual Mortgages”.

If you require more information on Complex Mortgages, Multiples Mortgages, Buy to let, Self Employed or Adverse Credit Mortgages  you can contact Unusual Mortgages on UK 0845 474 3075 or International +44 1404 45397, email at enquiries@unusualmortgages.co.uk

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    Unusual Mortgages are Independent Mortgage Advisers who specialise in arranging Complex Mortgages. Our lead financial adviser Chris Morgan has 30 years of experience in Banking, Finance and Mortgage Advice.

    He is a former Financial Adviser of the Year, Barclays Young Business Person of the Year and finalist in the FT Adviser Mortgage Adviser of the Year contest. He has also won a host of other community and industry awards for his consumer facing work within the finance industry.

    Chris has recently been shortlisted at The European Diversity Awards for Barclays Campaigner of Year. This is for his work as a Diversity Leader within the UK Financial Services Industry.

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    Unusual Mortgages offers highly experienced and expert advice, from an industry leading financial adviser in return for reasonable fixed arrangement fees. On a number of occasions we have met clients who were quoted elsewhere, broker arrangement fees of between 1% and 1.5% of the mortgage, which can equate to literally thousands of pounds of extra fees.

    We have developed a business model and professional advice process that allows us to offer Independent Mortgage Advice at highly competitive fixed broker fees. which are extremely low in comparison to other fee based brokers.

    Unusual Mortgages have recently saved one particular client literally thousands of pounds in arrangement fees and total interest payable over the term of his loan.

    These are the main “Complex Mortgage” areas which we can offer our advice in return for Set Fees.

    Adverse Credit Mortgages, Buy to Let Mortgages, Complex Mortgages, Contractor Mortgages, Debt Consolidation, Development Finance, Downward Trend Income, Expatriate Mortgages, Landlord Mortgages, Let to Buy Mortgages, Mortgage Term Ending, Multiple Mortgages, Mortgage Rejected, Professional Mortgages, Re Mortgages, Returning to the UK, Right To Buy, Second Home Finance, Self Employed Mortgages.

    We are especially experienced at assisting people to find mortgages with Arrears, Adverse Credit, Bankruptcy Defaults, County Court Judgement's (CCJ's) and Late Payments on their Credit Record.


    Authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority. Please note most Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority. Fees will apply for mortgage advice. We charge a set fee of between £795 and £995 payable on application, dependent on the amount of work involved, the type of mortgage you are applying for and any commission we receive from the lender on completion of your mortgage. Please contact us for a specific quotation.

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